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Grade 3 Guided Reading Resources

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Jennifer Serravallo Reading Strategies: 

The following one page lesson summaries can be used  with small groups of students to support reading comprehension skills in nonfiction texts. 

Non-Fiction Determining Importance ASK QUESTIONS FORM IDEAS.docx

Non-fiction Determining Importance Paraphrasing CHUNK PUT TOGETHERdocx.docx

Non-fiction Determining Importance SURVEY THE TEXT docx.docx

Non-Fiction Determining Importance TOPIC SUBTOPIC DETAILS.docx

Non-Fiction Determining Importance Visualizing SKETCH IN CHUNKS.docx

Non-Fiction Determining Key Details CHECK YOURSELF.docx

Non-fiction Determining Key Details CLICK OR CLUNKdocx.docx

Non-fiction Determining Key Details CODE A TEXT.docx

Non-Fiction Determining Key Details PREPARE YOUR BRAIN FOR NEW INFORMATION.docx

Non-Fiction Determining Key Details READ COVER REMEMBER RETELL.docx

Supporting Students Conversations POWER QUESTIONS.docx

Supporting Students Conversations TALKING MAP.docx


Grade 3 teachers September 25, 2017

LInk to google doc for sharing ideas for independent student work during guided reading instruction: