Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Social Studies 4


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Social Studies 4
SOC.IN4.1 Analyze how First Nations and Métis people have contributed to life in Saskatchewan.
SOC.IN4.2 Describe the progression of cultural diversity in Saskatchewan communities.
SOC.IN4.3 Determine the influence Saskatchewan people and programs have had on a national scale.
SOC.DR4.1 Identify where and why different peoples settled in Saskatchewan.
SOC.DR4.2 Explain the relationship of First Nations and Métis peoples with the land.
SOC.DR4.3 Analyze the implications of the Treaties and the benefits for all people in Saskatchewan.
SOC.PA4.1 Explain the democratic processes in Saskatchewan & how they relate to the quality of life.
SOC.PA4.2 Analyze the three levels of government & distinguish between the responsibilities of each.
SOC.PA4.3 Explain the different levels of the First Nations system of governance.
SOC.PA4.4 Explain the different levels of the Métis governance system.
SOC.RW4.1 Explain strategies used by people in SK to meet the challenges of the environment.
SOC.RW4.2 Investigate the importance of agriculture to the economy and culture of Saskatchewan.
SOC.RW4.3 Assess the impact of Saskatchewan resources and technology.