​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Physical Education 4


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Physical Education 4
PE4.1 Understand and be able to self-assess plans to improved levels of health-related fitness.
PE4.2 Demonstrates an understanding of the body systems, directly affected by physical activity.
PE4.3 &.4 Select & apply key locomotor skills while participating in body movement  activities.
PE4.5 Select & apply non-locomotor skills in balancing, jumping & landing, & rotating on the spot.
PE4.6 Apply manipulative skills to moveable objects in game/individual settings.
PE4.7 Perform complex sending/receiving skills in playing lead-up games.
PE4.8 Refine movements to improve personal performance & provide feedback to others.
PE4.9 Select & use effective movement skills, tactics, and strategies in skillful play.
PE4.10 &.12 Apply knowledge for safe, respectful play in activities & show team spirit & fair play.
PE4.11 Incorporate safe practices for the prevention of injury and investigate basic first aid.
PE4.13 Explain contributions of First Nations, Metis & other cultures to games, sports & activities.