​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 4 ELA


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 4 ELA
ELA.CR4.2 View & respond to multimedia text & explain creator's technique & its impact.
ELA.CR4.3 Analyze verbal information & make conclusions.
ELA.CR4.4 Read for various purposes & demonstrate comprehension of grade appropriate texts.
ELA.CC4.1 Use inquiry to explore authentic problems or questions associated with key issues.
ELA.CC4.2 Create a range of representations that share clear ideas & information.
ELA.CC4.3 Speak to express information & ideas in a variety of formal & informal situations.
ELA.CC4.4 Use a writing process to communicate with clear purpose, structure & detail.
ELA.AR4.1 Using criteria, analyze own work identifying ways to improve.
ELA.AR4.2 Set & pursue personal goals to improve.