Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 4 Arts Education​


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Arts Education
AED.CP4.1 Create a group dance about ideas influenced by Saskatchewan using inquiry.
AED.CP4.2 Use the elements of dance (basic steps, body, space, etc.) to create a dance.
AED.CP4.3 Develop several roles to play in a drama, based in Saskatchewan
AED.CP4.4 Work with a group, through consensus, to find ways to build a drama using various roles.
AED.CP4.5 Show an increase in skill in voice and instrument use to create musical compositions.
AED.CP4.6 Create and perform using voice and instrument to show knowledge of the elements of music.
AED.CP4.7 Create art work that is based on ideas about Saskatchewan.
AED.CP4.8 Create art work that shows exploration of concepts and materials.
AED.CR4.1 Analyze how art forms by other artists express ideas and perspectives.
AED.CR4.2 Respond to a contemporary art form by a Saskatchewan artist.
AED.CH4.1 Use group inquiry process to explore art in Saskatchewan.

AED.CH4.2 View and respond to art by Saskatchewan First Nation and Métis artists.


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 4 Band
BAND 4.1 Show an understanding of elements & language of music & demonstrate through performance.
BAND 4.2 Demonstrate grade appropriate skills in instrumental fundamentals, range & technique.
BAND 4.3 Interpret musical phrasing & understand elements of style & culture.
BAND 4.4 Show an understanding of the function of an ensemble & demonstrate the skills & techniques.