Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 3 Social Studies​


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 3 Social Studies
SOC.IN3.1 Analyze daily life in different communities.
SOC.IN3.2 Analyze the cultures and traditions in communities studied.
SOC.IN3.3 Illustrate examples of interdependence of communities.
SOC.DR3.1 Use various model representations of the Earth.
SOC.DR3.2 Judge how geography, the environment & climate influence living on & with the land.
SOC.DR3.3 Compare the beliefs of various communities regarding living on and with the land.
SOC.PA 3.1 Compare how decisions are made in the local community and communities studied.
SOC.PA 3.2 Know different views may lead to conflict &assess different means of conflict resolution.
SOC.PA 3.3 Make generalizations about the purpose & intent of the rights of children documents.
SOC.RW 3.1 Assess the ways communities meet their members' needs and wants.
SOC.RW 3.2 Analyze the creation and distribution of wealth in communities studied.
SOC.RW 3.3 Evaluate the ways in which technologies have impacted daily life.