​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 3 Science


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 3 Science
SCI.PL3.1 Examine the growth&development of plants, including the conditions needed for germination.
SCI.PL3.2 Analyze the interdependence among plants, individuals, society & the environment.
SCI.SM3.1 Investigate properties of materials & methods of joining structures.
SCI.SM3.2 Assess the function and characteristics of strong, stable & balanced structures.
SCI.ME3.1 Examine the characteristics of contact (friction)& non-contact (magnetic/electric) forces.
SCI.ME3.2 Assess effects of practical applications of magnetic and static electric forces.
SCI.ES3.1 Investigate the characteristics, of local soil composition & ability to absorb water.
SCI.ES3.2Analyze the interdependence between soil &living things &all components of the environment.