​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 3 Health


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 3 Health
HED.USC3.1 Determine the role of food & activity on the health & development of the mind & body.
HED.USC3.2Examine the spiritual dimension of the inner self&determine the importance of nurturing it
HED.USC3.3 Determine how the misuse of helpful & the use of harmful substances affect health.
HED.USC3.4 Understand what it means to contribute to the health of self, family & home.
HED.USC3.5 Evaluate safe behaviours/practices to increase the safety of self & others while at home.
HED.USC3.6 Distinguish between examples of real&fictional violence&determine the influence on health
HED.DM3.1 Demonstrate the importance of investigating information to make informed decisions.
HED.AP3.1 Use health related understandings, skills, and confidences to create and carry out a plan.