​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 3 Arts Education


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 3 Arts Education
AED.CP3.1Generate alternatives in movement explorations using the environment as stimuli
AED.CP3.2 Create dance phrases that demonstrate the elements of dance.
AED.CP3.3 Sustain roles in drama situations &respond to others using the environment as inspiration.
AED.CP3.4 Use imagination, drama strategies, and reflection to further the drama's development.
AED.CP3.5 Show skills in voice, sound objects, instruments using the environment as inspiration.
AED.CP3.6 Create & perform music with a knowledge of form, rhythm,pitch, dynamics, texture, tone.
AED.CP3.7 Create visual works that express ideas about natural, constructed, imagined environments.
AED.CP3. 8 Create art works using a variety of visual art concepts, forms, and media
AED.CR3.1 Describe ideas and problem-solving processes used in own arts expressions.
AED.CR3.2 Respond to arts expressions that use the environment as inspiration.
AED.CH3.1 Compare how arts expressions from groups may be a reflection of their environment.
AED.CH3.2 Demonstrate awareness of traditional and evolving art of First Nations and Métis artists.