​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 2 Social Studies


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 2 Social Studies
SOC.IN2.1 Determine the characteristics of a community.
SOC.IN2.2 Create a representation of the cultural diversity in our community.
SOC.DR2.1 Investigate significant people/events in our community & describe historical contribution.
SOC.DR2.2 Analyze the influence of the natural environment on the local community.
SOC.DR2.3 Identify physical representations as constructed models of real things.
SOC.DR2.4 Describe the influence of Treaty and First Nations people on the local community.
SOC.PA2.1 Analyze how decisions are made within the local community.
SOC.PA2.2 Assess and practice various approaches to resolving conflicts within the community.
SOC.PA2.3 Analyze rights and responsibilities of citizens in the school and local community.
SOC.RW2.1 Describe ways in which the local community meets needs and wants of its members.
SOC.RW2.2 Analyze various worldviews regarding the natural environment.
SOC.RW2.3 Contribute to change in communities centered around sustainability.