​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 2 Health


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 2 Health
HED.USC2.1 Demonstrate a basic understanding of how thoughts, feelings, & actions influence health.
HED.USC2.2 Determine how healthy snacking practices influence personal health.
HED.USC2.3 Develop an understanding of how health may be affected by illness and disease.
HED.USC2.4 Examine social and personal meanings of "respect" and establish ways to show respect.
HED.USC2.5 Recognize safety risks in "play areas" & determine safe behaviours to reduce the risks.
HED.USC2.6 Examine how communities benefit from the diversity of their individual community members.
HED.DM2.1Demonstrate how, why, and when to ask for help and/or advice related to healthy living.
HED.AP2.1 Act upon health-related understandings, skills, & confidences to create & carry out a plan
HED.USC1.1Examine healthy behaviours&opportunities to determine how these affect personal well-being
HED.USC1.2Determine the importance of the brain, heart, and lungs & how to best keep them healthy.
HED.USC1.3 Analyze the feelings & behaviours important for nurturing healthy relationships at school
HED.USC1.4 Determine & practise safe pedestrian behaviours & examine related safety challenges.
HED.USC1.5 Explore the association between a healthy sense of "self" & one's positive impact.
HED.DM1.1Examine initial steps (i.e., Stop, Think, Do) for making basic health choices.
HED.AP1.1 Apply the steps of Stop, Think, and Do to develop healthy behaviours.