​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 2 ELA


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 2 ELA
ELA.CR2.2 View & explain ideas, details & elements in a variety of visual texts.
ELA.CR2.3 Listen & understand ideas, details & directions.
ELA.CR2.4 Read silently & orally, demonstrating comprehension of grade appropriate texts.
ELA.CC21.1 Use inquiry to explore a question or topic that is of individual or group interest.
ELA.CC2.2 Use a variety of ways to represent understanding & communicate ideas clearly with details.
ELA.CC2.3 Can clearly & audibly express ideas & thoughts orally in a variety of situations.
ELA.CC2.4Write a variety of texts of at least six sentences that include appropriate&relevant detail
ELA.AR2.1 Analyze personal language experiences by discussing & comparing to shared criteria.
ELA.AR2.2 Set goals for improvement with group support.