​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 1 Physical Education


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 1 Physical Education
PE1.1Build a repertoire of strategies, with guidance, for developing components of fitness.
PE1.2 Examine & express what it means to live actively each day & benefits of being active.
PE1.3Explore, express & apply a variety of ways to move the body through space with control & skill.
PE1.4 Explore, express, & apply a variety of ways to skillfully move the body on the spot.
PE1.5 Explore, express, and apply ways to move objects when throwing, catching, & kicking.
PE1.6 Vary the movement of the body using locomotor, non-locomotor, & manipulative skills.
PE1.7 Explore & demonstrate rhythmical movement using several locomoto  & non-locomotor skills.
PE1.8 Build a repertoire of strategies & skills for & through participation in movement activities.
PE1.9 Demonstrate safe & cooperative behaviours while participating in activities.
PE1.10 Demonstrate self-control, consideration for others, & a respect for differences among people.