​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 1 Health


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 1 Health
HED.USC1.1Examine healthy behaviours&opportunities to determine how these affect personal well-being
HED.USC1.2Determine the importance of the brain, heart, and lungs & how to best keep them healthy.
HED.USC1.3 Analyze the feelings & behaviours important for nurturing healthy relationships at school
HED.USC1.4 Determine & practise safe pedestrian behaviours & examine related safety challenges.
HED.USC1.5 Explore the association between a healthy sense of "self" & one's positive impact.
HED.DM1.1Examine initial steps (i.e., Stop, Think, Do) for making basic health choices.
HED.AP1.1 Apply the steps of Stop, Think, and Do to develop healthy behaviours.