​Saskatchewan Ministry Curriculum Documents - Grade 1 ELA


​SchoolLogic Outcomes - Grade 1 ELA
ELA.CR1.2 Understand the messages, feelings & features in a variety of visual texts.
ELA.CR1.3 Listen to a variety of texts & retell the order & main idea
ELA.CR1.4 Read silently & orally, demonstrating comprehension of grade appropriate texts.
ELA.CC11Use inquiry to explore a question/topic of interest related to the theme&topic being studied
ELA.CC1.2Represent key ideas & events, with details, in a logical sequence using different methods.
ELA.CC1.3 Can express ideas & thoughts orally in a logical & audible manner.
ELA.CC1.4 In at least five sentences, write & share stories about personal life events.
ELA.AR1.1 Identify the skills used to give & receive language.
ELA.AR1.2 Set goals for improvement with teacher.