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Living Sky School Division No. 202
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School Division No. 202
Writing Rubrics

Writing at Grade Level

Writing Data Collection – Grades 4,7, 9


Provincial writing rubrics were developed collaboratively by teachers and ministry personnel to support the writing outcome "By June 2020, 80% of students will be at grade level or above in reading, writing, and math." The educators developing the rubrics were directed by the Outcome owners to create holistic, four-level writing rubrics, Grades 1–12, with levels 3 and 4 being at grade level. The differences between adjacent grade level rubrics are subtle. Teachers should look for grade level differentiation by applying criteria to increasingly diverse and complex text forms, contexts and audiences. The holistic writing rubrics are available for all grades, and teachers are encouraged to use the rubrics at all grade levels.

Provincial reporting of writing at grade level will be done for Grades 4, 7, and 9 only. Data submission for writing will be done once, at the end of the school year, beginning in June 2018.


Assessment of student writing (using the provincial writing rubric) will be done using the teacher's professional judgment. Teachers are encouraged to look at several samples of a student's writing to determine the most consistent level of writing, putting emphasis on the most recent writing samples. On the other hand, teachers may decide to have a "writing event" and use evidence from that event.


Exemplars are important in decision making regarding the assessment of student writing. Exemplars should correspond to the rubric levels and support the criteria in the rubrics. School divisions and Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit (SPDU) have created rubrics and exemplars in English which may be helpful for teachers.