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Living Sky School Division No. 202
Growth Without Limits, Learning For All
School District 5
              Blanket Student Accident Insurance Brochure
              2013 Claims Process Summary
              Claims Information Sheet (with Physician Statement)
              School Incident Report
              School Incident Report Brochure
Noon-Hour Supervision (to be paid) - Non-Teaching Staff
Supervisory Days Log Sheet - Support 
Supervisory Days Log Sheet - Teachers
              2016 -17 School Year Calendar
              Teacher Timetables 2016
              Support Staff Work Schedule 2016-17
              2016-17 Block Calendar
              SCC Members 2016
              SCC Approval of School Learning Goals 2016-17
                    School Goals Template A
                    School Goals Template B
              Application to Teach High Risk Activities
              Sask. Physical Education Safety Guidelines Handbook
              2016 General Proficiency Awards Criteria
              2016 General Proficiency Nomination 
              Employee Release Form 
              Student Release  
              Self-Declaration - For New Students Only
Self-Declaration Overview 
              Year End Checklist
              Change of Information
              Instructional Time 2016-17
              Instructional Time Elementaries 2016-17
              Part-time Teacher Work Schedule 2016-17
              Request for Record of Employment
              SLD Support Staff Year End Payout - NEW
             SLD Teacher Year End Payout - NEW
             Support Staff Year End Banked Time Payout - NEW
             2016 -17 School Year Calendar

CUPE Leave Request Form - Bus Drivers Only
              Caretaker Appraisal
              Caretaker Checklist
              EA Appraisal 
              Kitchen Staff Appraisal
              Liaison Worker Appraisal
              Library Tech Assistant Appraisal 
              Out of Scope Employee Appraisal (CO & In-School) 
              Secretary Appraisal
LINC Leave Request  - Updated Jan. 2016
Noon Supervision Application - Updated July 2016
Professional Development Request
Representative Workforce Questionnaire - NEW March 2016
Dispatch Log Sheet - Support Staff - NEW Jan. 2016
Dispatch Log Sheet - Teacher - NEW Jan. 2016
Employee Information - Updated March 2016
Support Staff Banked Time - Updated Oct. 2016
              Dental Claim
              Employee Benefit Enrolment
              Employee Worker Compensation Report
              Extended Health and Vision Claim
              MEPP Beneficiary
              MEPP Enrolment 
              Request for Conversion Information
              SSBA Benefit Booklet - Updated Sept. 2016
              Supplemental Employment Benefits
             Change of Information - LSSD
             Change of Information - STF
             Group Life Insurance Enrolment
             Record of Experience
             STF Enrolment Form 
             STF Health Plan Booklet
             Tri-West Fee Deduction

Programs and Curriculum
      Job Shadow Agreement
      Job Shadow Business Participation
      Job Shadow Reporting
      Sample Job Shadow Fax
      Sample Job Shadow Letter 
      Work Education Agreement 
      Work-based Learning Consent and Waiver of Liability Form
Student Excursion
Living Histories Information Sheet
Living Histories Resource Person Application
Physical Activities Safety
Course Challenge
Special Projects 10 20 30 Credits
Supervision Templates Tenured Staff
Summative Report Template Non-Tenured Staff
Summative Report Template