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A language disorder may involve 1) the form of language, 2) the content of language, and/or 3) the function of language in communication in any combination.

1. Form of Language

  • Phonology is the sound system of a language and the rules about how sounds are combined. Click here for more information on Phonology.
  • Morphology is the aspect of grammar that refers to how parts of words affect meaning, such as adding -ed to form the past tense (walk –> walked).
  • Syntax is the order and combination of words to form sentences. “Rules of grammar” and syntax are both required to generate a complete sentence.

2. Content of Language

  • Semantics is related to the meanings of words and sentences.

3. Function of Language

Teaching the Fundamentals of Grammar and Syntax at Home (Super Duper Handy Handouts)

Language Expansion vs. Language Extension – What’s the Difference? (Super Duper Handy Handouts)

Suggestions for Parents (​