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Living Sky School Division No. 202
Growth Without Limits, Learning For All
School Division No. 202
Signs of Potential Hearing Impairment
  • Phonological/articulation problems
  • History of ear aches, infection, discharge from the ear or tubes
  • Dizziness, ringing in the ear
  • Delayed language (vocabulary/grammar)
  • Delayed reading ability
  • Voice differences; too loyud or soft; too high or low
  • Frequenct requests for repetition (…huh?..what?..)
  • Turning one ear to the speaker
  • Continued school failure
  • Inattention, daydreaming, listlessness, lack of responsiveness, restlessness
  • Avoidance of social interaction; plays alone
  • Mouth breathing, mouth constantly open
  • Intently watching the face of a speaker
  • Following; constantly watching others for cues to activities or instructions
  • Apparent lack of knowledge of game rules on the playground or in the classroom
  • Incorrect answers to questions or consistent replies of “I don’t know..”
  • Written work more accurate than oral work
  • Aggresive behaviour (eg., bullying, belligerent, fighting)
  • Submissive behaviour (eg., shy, timid, withdrawing)​