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4 Stages of a Swallow

1) Oral-Prep Stage: Involves placing food and/or liquid on the tongue, mixing the material with saliva, and forming a bolus

2) Oral Stage: Begins when bolus is moved posteriorly in the oral cavity

3) Pharyngeal Stage: When the bolus reaches the back of the oral cavity and triggers the swallow

4) Esophageal Stage: The bolus enters the stomach through the esophagus

A swallowing disorder can occur at any stage of the swallow. Your school based S-LP is able to perform a bedside swallow evaluation and refer for an indepth swallow assessment if needed (e.g., Modified Barium Study)

Feeding and Swallowing Disorders in Children (ASHA)

What to Expect at a Feeding Evaluation? (SuperDuper, Handy Handout)‚Äč