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Living Sky School Division No. 202
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School Division No. 202
Terminology Translated

Terminology Translated

Intelligibility – How easily a child is understood by someone unfamiliar (not Mom’s translation), and as indicated by a percentage

Stimulability – How easily a child can imitate a speech sound that he regularly misarticulates; it can be used as a “readiness” indicator for intervention

Articulation Errors Include:

Distortion – A sound is mispronounced but sounds something like the target sound (e.g., /r/ is often distored and “vowelized”: “caah” instead of “car”)

Substitution: One speech sound is produced in place of another (e.g., when “th” is substituted for /s/ it results in a frontal lisp: “thun” instead “sun”)

Omission: One or more speech sounds are deleted (e.g., /s/ deletion and consonant blends: “top” instead of “stop”)​