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Living Sky School Division No. 202
Growth Without Limits, Learning For All
School Division No. 202

​​​We care what YOU think! 

Dear Parents, Staff and Community Members,

As you are aware, our school community recently took part in an online learning process. We’ve reviewed your thoughts and priorities and now want to share the results with you.

Please visit the
Results Website to learn about the top priorities in our school and the top priorities of the Division.

From the 1,376 stakeholders who contributed, we learned about our strengths and our concerns, as well as what we need to do to prepare our students for a successful future. Fundamentally, we are using this information to help improve student learning across our Division.

Again, thank you for contributing to the success of our schools and Division. Your participation in this process is very much appreciated by the Board of Education.


Dave Hutchinson
Director of Education
Living Sky School Division



School Division Overview & Participant Information Document

Please submit your email address here and you will be sent a direct link to participate.

The Board of Education is committed to providing opportunities for information sharing with the community and for community input. We are entering into a public consultation for strategic plan renewal and development and want to engage in conversation with our school communities using a Thoughtexchange process.

This broad-based family, staff and community transparent public process (Thoughtexchange) will help the Division to:

  • monitor progress on the Division's goals,
  • inform development of the Division's strategic plan,
  • reinforce the Division's mission and foundational beliefs, and
  • communicate its desire to enhance its work to encourage parent involvement and community partnerships.

The three stages of the public consultation process are:

Share Stage (October 31 November 11)
Participants will be asked to share their thoughts to four open-ended questions via a specially-coded link available on the Division website.  Participants can share as many or as few thoughts as they like.

Star Stage (November 22-December  4, 2016)
Participants will be invited to review/star their own thoughts next to the thoughts of others who have participated in the same school community engagement. Participants will have stars to place on thoughts and ideas that are the most important to them.

Discovery Stage (December 2016)
Starred thoughts, comments, and ideas will be reviewed by Thougthexchange staff. Results will be communicated to Living Sky School Division. We will then share the results with the school communities and use the date for strategic plan renewal and development.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call 306-937-7909 or email